Kaay Rao Tumhi

Kaay Rao Tumhi

Kaay Raav Tumhi is a Marathi language comedy movie released in 2015. directed by Mrunalini patil. The movie is inspired by Basu Chatterjee’s classic “Shaukeen”.

“Kay Rav Tumhi” is a story which revolves AROUND 3 FRIENDS IN THEIR 60S AND A YOUNG COUPLE that is based on its satire, the theme and the plot of the story carries the main crux of its treatment. It depicts the way how the things can change when one unexpected turn comes in between the events, and how the fantasies and plannings come to an end in a totally satirical form.

It deals with saucy humor, and plots which change their forms according to the situation. The plot also shows how various literates of the society,(landlord, captain, doctor) plan the events according to their fun and need, and how they fall as prey to their own planning. The humor involved also has various forms in the form of double-meanings, saucy comments which are enjoyable only according to the situation.

The treatment is simple yet the situation confuses the characters who from within are somewhat unaware about what is actually in store for them, and are mentally prepared according to their smartly made small fun cum plan, the events that occur in the life of the protagonists, and that keeps them unaware of the reality. As they slowly come to know the reality, and how they fall prey to their own plan, they realize but laugh it off.

They also pass somewhat weird comments at each other just to prove their own self right, which in reality does not happen and they have to accept the fact that some one else can also be much more smarter than them in doing plannings and making them face the reality, where earlier they think that people around them are good but not the best, it then dawns upon them later that their are best than them too.

The story finally shows the mental state of the smarties when their lie comes to an end and they are caught in a cat and mice situation, where they feel awkward,funny, but great after all the ruckus comes to an end and the confusing situation that was seeming to them as difficult to handle, also takes a clear and a happy turn, and then they realize the value of some who are actually true but only to set a right track for people like them they timely turn their true self and not for any wrong intention, the satire of the whole story then takes a pleasing and a final turn.

Starring РYatin Karyekar Satish Pulekar, Ravindra Mahajar, Niyati Joshi, Hemant Dhome | Produced by РShivam Patil | Directed by РMrunalini patil